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Brining The Frontlines To Your Screen

Virtual experience in conflict zones

Frontline in Focus will bring VR experience in war zones and hard to reach areas by seasoned local journalists to your screens. Our main targeted clients are international media and NGOs. The stories we cover will transfer you from your place to wherever it’s hard for you to reach and visualize.

Covid-19 and other security challenges imposed difficulties for international organizations to reach war zones. Frontline In focus XR, is the first digital platform to provide private VR experience for journalists, staff and donors by transferring them to areas they can’t reach and establish a genuine connection.

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Our Scope of Interest


Frontlines XR

We provide you with 360° virtual, and augmented reality reports and features. These stories are filmed using state-of-the-art equipment by a team of local reporters who are trained to make the best possible use of such equipment to present professional media materials.


On- Demand

Today, journalists and reporters working with different media outlets are facing challenges in accessing and covering stories from conflict zones. We help you build your story, reach the right place, and interview the right people.


Videos and Photos

We work on conveying events with images, videos, audio, written materials, and drone photos. We convey all the untold stories about humans on the frontlines.


Special Focus on Children

For more than two years, we have been covering stories about children in war and conflict zones. In our coverage, we take into account all the sensitivities surrounding journalists’ coverage of children’s issues.

Our Principles

1People Up Front

Given our work in war and conflict zones, we are aware of the risks facing the displaced and affected residents. Therefore, before conducting any interview or filming, we explain to the person the reason behind filming his/her story. We are also keen to get written consent from them. Moreover, we refrain from filming stories and reports that may put the life of any person or his family in danger. Before interviewing a child, we seek permission from his parent or guardian, his teacher’s permission, or any other responsible adult.

2Impartiality and Objectivity

We are keen to tell the whole story without taking sides for our mission is to convey the facts as they are. We do not represent any of the parties to the conflict and we do our best to ensure a correct and balanced coverage. We seek to contact all parties concerned with a particular topic and include comments from all those who have been criticized or accused

3Truth and Accuracy

In all our past and future photographs, we avoid adding, removing, or editing anything from the subject of the original picture. We also prohibit luring an interviewee to a certain desired response, by formulating the questions in such a way that they do not entail specific answers. We are keen to put questions in a way that gives the person the opportunity to respond as freely as possible. In return, we can ask him to rephrase his response. We make sure, in the editing process for scenes and audio clips, that the final version matches the event’s reality.


The team includes professional journalists with extensive experience in media coverage in war and conflict zones, in addition to specialists in various creative, technical, and legal fields.


As a humanitarian worker at a headquarters level, it was amazing for me to know that there is a way to be in the field while I am in my office. Incredible experience I highly recommend it.

Kate Mccallister
Humanitarian Worker quote Created with Sketch.

It's an invaluable service. I was able to walk around the camp, get a feel for the place and spot things along the way that I asked about.This is not just helpful to complete a story you are already working on, but to also come up with new stories and understand the context.

Hoda Osman
Executive Editor at Arij quote Created with Sketch.

Feelings during the virtual tour of the historic site were a mixture of enthusiasm, nostalgia, and heartbreak. Seeing that these areas still exist, even if they have suffered some sort of damage, it is very important for our history, Syrian history, and all those generally interested in history as well. It’s a very important experience and provides an opportunity for archeological and historical teams to document antiquities on the ground and connect with the people who work in these places.

Ghaith Rammo
Archaeologist quote Created with Sketch.

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