Virtual experience
in conflict zones



Virtual experience in conflict zones:

Our seasoned local journalists will bring the frontline of war zones and hard to reach areas to your screen through VR technology. Whether you are a journalist that wants to write a story, a humanitarian worker that wants to see how refugees live in a camp, or an archeologist that wants to visit a heritage site, we can take you there and provide a full coverage with translation if needed.

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    As a humanitarian worker at a headquarters level, it was amazing for me to know that there is a way to be in the field while I am in my office. Incredible experience I highly recommend it.

    Kate Mccallister
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    It's an invaluable service. I was able to walk around the camp, get a feel for the place and spot things along the way that I asked about.This is not just helpful to complete a story you are already working on, but to also come up with new stories and understand the context.

    Hoda Osman
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    Feelings during the virtual tour of the historic site were a mixture of enthusiasm, nostalgia, and heartbreak. Seeing that these areas still exist, even if they have suffered some sort of damage, it is very important for our history, Syrian history, and all those generally interested in history as well. It’s a very important experience and provides an opportunity for archeological and historical teams to document antiquities on the ground and connect with the people who work in these places.

    Ghiath Rammo
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    This is an incredible technology, it really helps journalists to feel that they are there in the field.

    Daisy Mhr
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