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Frontline in Focus is an independent news agency that uses  virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to deliver humanitarian stories from war zones beyond the breaking news cycle, from the perspective of the impacted population.

Today, access is more difficult. Journalists and reporters working with different media outlets are facing challenges in accessing and covering stories in conflict areas.

Using VR technology, our platform will help you reach areas that are difficult to access, build your story, and interview the right people. You’ll be able to ask questions you need answers to and get instant translation if needed.

We provide you with 360°, virtual, and augmented reality reports and features. These stories are filmed using state-of-the-art equipment by a team of local reporters that are trained to make the best use of equipment to present high-end products.

Our goal is to provide media organizations and those in the newsroom with integrated, enriching material, to serve as an appropriate resource for their media platforms.

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Virtual Reality

Immersive storytelling: Through a VR headset, you will be transferred to a different time, place and live a new experience. It is the new way of reporting.

Augmented Reality

(AR) will immerse the audience in the story. AR adds digital elements to the camera of the smartphone, creating the illusion that holographic content is a part of a physical world around you. It is revolutionary technology in the visual journalism world, we are happy to facilitate an experience for you.

Tools and Equipments

Our teams use the latest cameras and the most advanced equipment in the industry. The content that we can provide ranges from drone footage, photography, videography, 360° video, virtual reality, and content for augmented reality.

100% Locals

Our team is 100% local; we rely on local journalists, recruit, train, and equip them with the most advanced technology to deliver high end products.

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