Frontline in Focus XR Wins the Global Content Award

Frontline in Focus XR, an online platform specialized in producing virtual and augmented reality stories from war zones, won the 2022 Global Content Award as the Global Start-up Agency of the year.


In their announcement of the awards in November, the London-based jury said: “We thought that this agency [Frontline in Focus] was something completely new and fresh, which we loved. We were extremely impressed with the delivery of this unique content, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, definitely an award-winning agency.”

For his part, Khalil Ashawi, a photojournalist and the project’s founder, welcomed the news of winning an award after months of launching his project.

“We are very proud that a few-months-old project, that was launched in June with the support of the Google News Initiative (GNI), has achieved such an award,” he said, “This award represents a push for us to continue, expand our work, and reach a larger audience.”

“We believe that what is happening on frontlines in conflict and war zones deserves better coverage to take the audience to the middle of the stories,” he added, “Thanks to these virtual and augmented reality technologies, we managed to achieve this goal.”


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